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Creative Director

Amaia Estanga

I am a multi disciplinary artist. A Graphic & Web Designer. A Textile & Print Pattern Designer.
In each medium I use, what I most love is the process of experimentation and the reaction to the unexpected.
Textures, shadows, forms, colors, fibers, dimensions, grids, features, nature, hand, computer, photography, video... the interest in such diverse mediums is a reflection of my take on life experience: I enjoy the search, the reaction & interpretation to what is in front of me. The psychology that We and the Creation are the same nature, that all what we see outside of us, is inside us; continually playing that game of bringing the concepts all the way to basics.
My work is broad and includes print, lithography, photography, textile and pattern design. Rather than focusing on one form of expression, I work for the search of choosing the most appropriate medium to apply my work onto.


I studied Graphic Communication at London College of Printing, as well as many different printing techniques that has given me the opportunity grow in a such wide field as is Design. After many years in the industry, now from my studio I can design anything related to print and give you the possibility to apply that to all different range of mediums such as paper, digital, wood, leather, metal, fabric…

Logotipes, corporate identity, brands, leaflets, booklets, event publications, magazines, books, invitations, restaurant menu, signage, banners, website design…


After many years working in the fashion industry, I gain enough experience to know how much value a pattern or a print can bring up to a label or an individual. Therefore, whether you are a fashion brand, a designer or an individual looking for a exclusive pattern or print, I offer you a wide variety of them available for production.Made to order pieces can also be produced on request. Please do contact me!

And please fell free to visit my on-line shop & portfolio to see examples of my work.


I have teach (adults & children) recycling, customizing, handmade & design workshops around the Basque Country, and I have assist guidance to many designers in their first steps into creation. I have participate in many creation workshops working together with profesionals of different fields, form where we have gained very interesting material. I believe that we need the others in order to grow ourselfs, therefore I am up for any challenge anywhere around the globe that can be developed always with the aim of growing & sharing.

Who I am

A Bit About My Textile World

In relation to my textile work I am obsessed with textures, I generally create unique and exclusive patterns using different techniques for design and printing.

I have created my own brand called ni*am, a word game that brings over my roots as well as all my youth experiences, the reflection of the three main countries I have lived in: my Basque roots, my Spanish land living and the time I lived in London, all of them has made a massive impact on my career and making one of my passion come to life.

ni = Me in Basque language  |  I*am = in English  |  am = coming from my own name

My collections are varied in shapes, textures and colors, with patterns inspired by nature and organic textures that I found in my pathway. Passionate of experimentation processes generally I seek the unexpected reaction. I continually seek the notion of individuality, exclusivity and style, “an art to look at, enjoy and wear.”

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Textile Print & Pattern Design0

Workshops & Creative Technique Teaching0

Experimental Photo & Video Production; Collaborations0